Posted by on Sep 24, 2008

Thank you so much for inquiring about the A Pondering Heart Boutique pricing. The Boutique aspires to offer modest prices for fine quality graphics and designs.

I have been told my prices are low, and the reason is not because the quality is poor or that I’m not sure what I’m doing (LOL). Only I wish to make available beautiful and lovely designs at a price that everyone can afford. Coming from a large family with a father who works very hard to provide for us and trying to be frugal I hate to put such others in the position where they must either spend too much or sacrifice quality. I would love to charge and make more because I have a heart to help single-moms, which I donate to through this business and that would help both me and them, but I just can’t. You’re welcome to add a tip onto your total if you so feel the leading.

In some cases business trading can be applied. Please email for further inquiry. If are under 15 anything over $10 will have %25 removed from original price.

Themes: WordPress – $85    Blogger templates – $60   HomeSchoolBlogger – $40 Email for info other blogging platforms. Businesses also have a different rate.

(all themes include a header, background image, 2 istockphoto credit, divider graphic , sidetitles, signature, complimentary Blog Ad set, and installation)

WordPress upgrades and plugin installation – $25

Business Ad Set (400×100 banner & 150×150 icon) – $16

Personal Blog Ad Set (400×100 banner & 154×154 icon) – $12

Event icons (giveaways, contests, in memory or, scripture tags, challenges, etc) – $5

Signatures (any size) – $5

Custom Header (any size) – $25

Portable Document Formats (PDFs) – $25

Logo/Business card designs – $15

Twitter Designs – $5

Payment: Paypal is accepted. After a total is given please give have of the total to one of the families on

I can’t wait to take your order and get you “fitted” into your new graphics! Thank you for doing business. Half of all profits made from orders will go directly single-moms in need. I know they appreciate you choosing APH Boutique as your web and graphic designer!

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